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* Prices are temporary, we’ll comunicate the exact price as soon as the app will be launched.

A new way to work with photography.

With Selfier you can have benefits from your passion of photography, by expressing your talent.

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Easily track your work with Selfier's Statistics

In SelfierPRO (the platform for our selfiers), they will be able to see statistics about every aspect of the work, from the profits made, to the number of shooting sessions, until the appreciation of the clients. Control every aspect of your work and compare it to the work of other Selfiers in the same areas to become the n° 1 Selfier!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I work with Selfier?

All over the world.

Which equipment do I have to own to work with Selfier?

The only things you need is just a digital camera, not your personal phone.

How can I be a part of it?

Just fullfill the form below by inserting all the requested data. Our staff will examine your request and contact You back to let You know. What are your waiting for?

Do I have to be a professional photographer with a VAT?

No, you don't need a VAT, you can be a student, an amateur photographer or a professional, the only thing we really care is the passion for photography!

What will the working time be?

We will give you a choice among different working time ranges, equally distributed during the week. Then you can choose a specific working time (i.e. MON-FRI 9am-2pm or SAT-SUN 2pm-9pm and so on) and renew it only after prestablished periods.
Still have a question? Contact us: contact@selfier.pro

* Prices are temporary, we’ll comunicate the exact price as soon as the app will be launched.

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